The Healer’s Manual By Ted Andrews (Book Review)

bookcoverToday I’m doing a book review on “The Healer’s Manual: A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Healing for Yourself and Others” by Ted Andrews. From now on Fridays will be book review day. Now on to the show!

I personally love this book. It is 250 pages of juicy goodness. Andrews writes about vibration, touch, meridians, color, sound, flowers, gems, and scents, all easily digestible for the beginning energy healer. I find that energy work helps in ones spirituality practice. Energy healing helps broadens your horizons and gives you something new to play with, it gives you challenges essential to finding yourself, which is what spirituality is.

This book is a great beginning book.The wording throughout is nothing confusing. You can start at any chapter and not be lost, I love when that happens. I like to skip chapters I don’t have any interest in. The hands-on exercises throughout the book are excellent and I encourage you to try them all. The graphs and pictures sprinkled throughout are amazing tools, they are relevant and easy to understand.

I know “The Healer’s Manual” has helped me tremendously in my understanding of meridians. Before I read this book I was introduced to meridians: there are a bunch of lines running through your body. That was pretty much it. Needless to say I was confused. What the crap did these lines do? Why are there so freaking many? What is a triple warmer?! This book explains the meridians in a way that makes sense. It seemed to take my hand gently and taught me in a way that worked for me. It went…”there there Sierra, it’s not too bad, we’ll break it down for you”. And break it down it does. Andrews explains the meridians, shows the cycle of chi, explains in great detail the meridian lines, and gives other useful information regarding them. In addition, the exercises in this chapter are especially rewarding, at least they were for me. While I’m not an expert at meridians, this book gave me the information I needed to understand just what the heck they were.

One of my favorite chapters of the book is “The Meaning and Power of Color”. I have been pretty interested in color healing for a while and this chapter gave me some really good information. Andrews runs down the effects of colors, meaning of colors, colors of ailments, then follows with a whole chapter called “Simple Color Therapies”. Because of this book I bought felt in all the colors of the chakras plus white. I tend to use the felt pieces in crystal grids as well as help with crystal healing and Reiki practice. The colors help me with visualization, mood, and chakra balancing. I once used pieces of blue and green felt to help stop a headache, it was an experimentation that spurred from reading this book and had a result I loved.

If you’re a beginner to energy healing I really recommend this book. There is much to learn and this book really does a good job at giving you what you need to start. Even if you are not a beginner, this is at the very least a good refresher book. I tend to re-read it every couple of months just for funsies and I learn something new each time. I believe that working through the exercises helps expand your energy healing abilities no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last practiced.

Spiritually the book has taught me that I am a healer, you are a healer, everyone is a healer. We all have many gifts, even if it is just the gift of touch, it is something that will bring comfort to someone else. We all have the ability to learn everything in the book, expand upon it, and be wonderful at it, we just need to have the eyes to see it in ourselves.


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